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    Simulation and Edutainment
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Simulation and Edutainment

Simulation and Edutainment, what does this mean to you? For inXsol this class of interactive training  has a broad range of applications.

Incident CommandHere are a few examples:

  • Aircraft Cockpit Simulations for Pilots
  • Console simulations for plant Operators
  • Device/Panel simulations for Operators/Technicians
  • Business Simulations (i.e. Six Sigma, Lean, Planning)
  • Lab/Instructor Led Simulations (illustrating theory, circuit flow, malfunctions etc.)
  • Software Simulations (allow for learning or certification)
  • Incident Command/Home Land Defense simulations
    (manage resources and interact with teams)
  • Interactive Models (stand alone or for use in eLearning
    where dynamic controls illustrate concepts)

Desktop SimulatorSimulation Experience

With a background in full flight simulation for fighter aircraft and space vehicles we have a depth of experience in best practices and scalable architectures that work. Over the past 15 years we have been applying emerging technologies to make these experiences possible on consumer pc's and now on the internet.

Time and Cost SimulationsEdutainment

When a simulation is used as a challenge to apply knowledge and skills we can integrate relevant performance measures. Time, cost, accuracy etc. become measurable elements which encourage learners to master the challenges offered.

We Deliver.

We have proven architectures and code libraries in the latest .NET and Adobe Flash environments which allow us rapidly prototype proof of concepts. Using an iterative development process our simulations take shape quickly. Please contact us to see how we can deliver for you.

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To learn more about custom training simulation development simply click here.




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