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    .NET Programming
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.NET Programming

.NET ProgrammingMastery of technologies is a requirement to deliver today’s internet based eLearning applications and simulations. inXsol has deep experience in developing robust enterprise applications servicing thousands of clients and deployed at Fortune 100 firms.

Why does an elearning company offer programming services? Because we’re good at it and we enjoy working in Microsoft .NET technologies. Our training development experience includes requirements analysis and target audience considerations so we have processes to efficiently outline specifications.

We also develop and integrate Learning Management Systems and Performance Support Systems. This experience has our applications passing a variety of corporate technology and security standards. We also have experience integrating with other enterprise applications like SAP, PeopleSoft, Salesforce and Batchmaster.

Support and Hosting

We maintain and manage a fleet of servers within a high bandwidth secure data facility. This allows us to host and guarantee complete support for your applications.

Relevant Experience

Our ecommerce, aerospace, manufacturing and healthcare experience is sure to be a benefit to realizing your business requirements.






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