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    eLearning / mLearning Production Services
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inXsol eLearning Production - a "Turn Key" Solution

Turn Key ServicesOur eLearning development methodology combines best practices from several disciplines. The process is supported by automation and "tooling" which dramatically simplifies workflow, opens up scalability, enables virtual team production and inherently ensures quality and performance to work plans. As a result, we are able to deliver a better quality eLearning course in less time and at less cost.

Instructional Content Development

Course content is unique to each client. Training information may exist as an existing instructor led course or be an entirely new training solution. inXsol adapts the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) process in a practical manner to the customer’s requirements. In some cases the customer may have complete storyboards in need of the production task. In other situations the client may have engineering publications and/or a Subject Matter Expert (SME) as the knowledge resource. The ISD process is simply a step-by-step system for the evaluation of students' needs, the design and development of training materials, and the evaluation of the effectiveness of the training intervention.


inXsol’s approach gains early clarity on the training objectives and target audience. This enables writers programmers and artists to prototype themes and metaphors to draft learning activities which are both effective as well as possible within the scope and technology specifications. The prototype course segment is made available for review. The evaluation typically looks at things like how well the learners responded to the creative metaphor, how effective the learning activities are, and how well the program performs on the chosen technology platform and bandwidth. Based on the feedback, the design can be revised and another prototype developed. This iterative process continues until there is agreement and confidence in the prototype.


With an accepted prototype the work product becomes a "style guide" allowing for electronic storyboarding of remaining content. The team has access to "see" the course coming together allowing an iterative development process to occur. Incremental readiness can be achieved per module or course. All of this means that we can identify and resolve any weaknesses with structure, layout, learning or interactions earlier in the design cycle.

Brain DownloadMaking Learning Happen

Attention makes us receptive to information, which we process together with prior knowledge, until we arrive at conclusions and understanding, which we then apply and test for confirmation.  Adult learners come to the table with a preference for various learning venues. Understanding your target audience is important. Interactivity raises the learners attention level - which allows knowledge and concepts to penetrate and "stick".  inXsol's team are masters of eLearning technology and application of creative instructional design methods.

What this means for you is that our courseware is credible with technical accuracy and detail for professionals while creating exercises or challenges that appeal to the learner in a relevant manner. 

Mobile Devices and Pads

HTML5 or Device Native Applications. When your mLearning needs to work on a variety of browsers and devices we have the talent and experience to make it happen.

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