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Dedicated Servers

Data CenterFor over 10 years inXsol has been a trusted resource for managed internet presence.

Our support covers hardware, operating systems, backups, SQL, IIS, SmarterMail mail servers etc.

Video and Bandwidth Availability

inXsol has negotiated to lease rack space within a secure Phoenix Arizona based data facility. Under our hosting plans you benefit from uncapped burstable access to a backbone serviced by  four gigabit (1000 megabit) connections. These connections have access to multiple oc12 (622 megabit connections) and gigabit ethernet links to AT&T, Level 3,, Qwest, and Limelight networks. 

Applicaton Support

Application SupportNot many hosting providers have a ready team to support your application - inXsol does. Most of our clients have had their application developed by inXsol and or have compatible .NET, ASP, SQL based applications.

When your application needs service we are ready and able to assist, collaborate or provide turn key services. 







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