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    Authorware Flash Conversion / Re-Host
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Convert Authorware Based Courses

Authorware IconsMacromedia Authorware was/is a fantastic eLearning development tool. With the future of Authorware uncertain under the Adobe ownership many corporations now seek to migrate existing content or adjust new product development into Flash or other options.

We are experienced Authorware developers and we expect your content to not be a page turner and existing courseware may likely utilize xtras, dlls or other integrated software complicating migration.

We develop "production tooling" and utilities regularly. We can create tools which
walk the flow line and extract assets, code and attributes. This process allows formulation of pressing the assets/logic into new platforms such as Flash, Flex, Air or Silverlight. We are also happy to promote hybrid solutions and have had much success with VB, VB.NET and ASP.NET applied to eLearning (similar to LCMS). These solutions are engineered to be managed through a workflow portal. Itemizing tasks, assets, and building in quality control checklists throughout the process. The workflow portal approach allows your team to review/accept work product and allows inXsol to leverage its internationally distributed resources as appropriate offering a highly scaleable conversion service economically.

Contact Henry Ryng at  email as an image to minimize spam to learn more about our services.

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Do you have training built in TenCORE, ToolBook, IconAuthor, or Wicat? Laserdiscs? Macromedia Authorware, Adobe Authorware - we can help.

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