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    Flash Development/ActionScript Programming
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Flash Development

Flash Actionscript SimulationsinXsol develops robust simulations, edutainment titles and business interfaces making use of Flash.

inXsol was an early adopter of Flash embracing FutureSplash Animator before it became Macromedia Flash and now Adobe Flash with its object oriented actionscript scripting language. It is a powerful technology with significant penetration as a web standard.

Beyond the ability for a graphic artist to formulate a compelling user interface is an underlying programming environment where eLearning, simulations and business logic can go far beyond screen animations.

With Flex and server side technologies collectively available to fulfill a desired functionality the solution architecture is important. Maintainability, scalability, dynamic data, integration with other software and playback across multiple target platforms is as of much importance as the glitzy user interface.

Server Side Integration

inXsol has deep experience integrating client side Flash with server side .NET programming. This architecture accelerates production efforts by utilizing robust Microsoft Visual Studio development environments for logic and simulation code as well as SQL database integration.

Content Production

 For eLearning we can provide SCORM or AICC compatible modules. For production volume we can offer web based content management like systems which allow virtual teams to collaborate and offer generation of flash based modules on demand.






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