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    Autox - PC Proximity Sensor
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PC Proximity Sensor Modules

Perfect for Kiosk installations. Most kiosk utilize standard pc hardware as a computer platform. Our sensors plug into the USB or keyboard input and "wake" up your system to present an intro loop or come out of power saving sleep mode when there is a user present or passing by.

inXsol offer hardware integration for a variety of external devices such as magnetic stripe card readers, bar code scanners, fax gateways or manufacturing machinery interfaces.  
Autox - inXsol Hardware

The inXsol AUTOX Proximity Sensor Kits are turn key solutions for:
• Kiosks - (activate audio, initialize an attention grabbing sequence, power up a display etc.)
• Automation - (activate cooling, lighting or open your loading dock door etc.)
• Integrated Security - (activate internet cameras, log access, record activity etc.)
The AUTOX units replace your standard PC keyboard with a keyboard command module that generates a keystroke into your application when an event is triggered. The keyboard port approach makes it simple to integrate trigger events into your application. Autox - inXsol Hardware

AT&T KioskSpecialty Hardware Integration

The AUTOX 200/AUTOX 250 are designed as a general purpose products. These units are built to order, contact us.

If you have a specific application or a different hardware/software integration challenge - please drop us a note to



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